Nurse in New Zealand: Waikato

Nurses will rarely visit this sparsely populated area bounded on the west by the Tasman Sea. The coastal region is largely rough hill country, known locally as the Hakarimata Range. The coast has by three large natural harbours: Raglan Harbour, Aotea Harbour, and Kawhia Harbour. The area around Raglan is noted for its volcanic black sand beaches, and also for its fine surfing conditions at Manu Bay and Ruapuke beach.

To the east of the coastal hills lies the broad floodplain of the Waikato River. This region has a wet temperate climate, and the land is largely pastoral farmland created by European settlers draining the extensive natural swamps, although it also contains undrained peat swamp. It is in the broad undulating Waikato Plains that one finds most of the population resides. The area around Cambridge has many thoroughbred stables.

The north of the region around Te Kauwhata produces some of New Zealand’s best wines. Dozens of small shallow lakes lie in this area, the largest of which is Lake Waikare.

Eastwards, the land gradually rises towards the forested slopes of the Kaimai and Mamaku Ranges.

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