Adevia: US Nursing – Pay and Benefits

USA: Nurse Qualifications and Benefits Package

Diploma, B.Sc or BSN in nursing.
One year nursing experience.
IELTS 6.5 average with Speaking score not less than 7.

CGFNS refund
Fingerprint fee refund
Board of Nursing Application Fee refund
NCLEX exam fee refund
Inbound flight paid
Green card and all immigration fees paid
Accommodation paid for first month, occasionally three months

A nurse going to the USA can expect the following package. Note that hourly pay rates in the united States follow the cost of living at the city. For example San Francisco is an expensive place to live and accordingly the pay rate is high at $54 per hour. The same job in Cincinnati, Ohio would pay $24 per hour given that the cost of living is markedly less. The following pay rate, $29 reflects what a nurse would earn in Houston, Texas which is a fairly good weighted average of the USA.

Salary, Houston Texas
Following figures are take home (net of taxes)
Salary US$: $50,400 pa – Monthly: $4,200


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