Nurses will find Nebraska lying in high grassland plateau of the Great Plains and is known a one of the states constituting the Mid West. The capital city is Lincoln which is the second largest urban area after historic Omaha located on the Missouri River.

Nurses will find that the state is crossed by many historic trails many first defined by the fur trappers of the 16th century. It was a couple centuries later during the Gold Rush that impored large numbers of non-indigenous settlers to the area wich became the state of Nebraska in 1867.

It I a broad grassy expanse and quite treeless. This is the original prairie. The terrain is excelent for cattle-grazing and therefore the state is a major producer of beef, together with pork, corn and soybeans.

Nurses will find the Nebraskans to be a rich European ethnic mix, for example the largest group of Nebraskans hail from Germany, attracted by the land and religious freedom. The state also has the largest per capita population among U.S states of people originating from the Czech region. Nurses will see how they have made a clear contribution to the traditions and culture of the state.

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