Adevia Nepal

Nurse salaries:
-What to Expect?

Salaries are generous, provide for a good quality of life and tend to follow the cost of living in the city or state. For example, a Medical Surgical nurse in Houston would earn $29 per hour and the same job in New York would command $37. Amongst the highest pay rates in the USA are found in San Francisco at $54 per hour (and also the highest house prices).

-What’s my take home pay?

The tax regimes differ from state to state. – sometimes the USA feels like 52 different countries. A good average is Houston at $29 per hour where it would be around $4000 per month. A four bedroom house house with a two car garage would have a mortgage $900 per month.

The Green Card
All Adevia nurses benefit from full green card sponsorship which gives their partner a working permit just five or six weeks after arrival in the USA. We are delighted to send our nurses their green card a couple of weeks after their embassy interview and shortly before their flight to the USA.
More… (Green Card)

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