US Nursing: Texas

Nurses arriving in Texas will find that mineral resources are as significant as industry for primary economic importance in Texas. Notwithstanding recent production declines Texas leads the USA in terms of producing of oil, natural gas, and natural-gas liquids. Other wealth beneath the ground embraces helium, salt, sulfur, sodium sulfate, clays, gypsum, cement, and talc. In parallel the state produces and enormous variety of products, including chemicals and chemical products, petroleum, food and food products, transportation equipment, machinery, and primary and fabricated metals. The development and manufacture of electronic equipment, such as computers, has in recent decades become one of the state’s leading industries; the area around Dallas”Fort Worth has become known as “Silicon Prairie”

With regard to agriculture there is little doubt that Texas is one of the most important states in the country. Leading the country in producing cattle, cotton, and cottonseed. Texas also has more farms, farmland, sheep, and lambs than any other state. Principal crops are cotton lint, grains, sorghum, vegetables, citrus and other fruits, and rice; the greatest farm income is derived from cattle, cotton, dairy products, and greenhouse products. Hogs, wool, and mohair are also significant. Among other important Texas crops are melons, wheat, pecans, oats, and celery. Nurses with a culinary preference for seafood will find Texas also has an important commercial fishing industry.

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