Methodist Hospital

US Nursing: Memphis

The Methodist Le Bonheur Healthcare is a well integrated, not-for-profit healthcare system based in the city centre. There is a number of specialised facilities and partners ranging across the Mid-South. Since the beginning the hospital has been affiliated with the United Methodist Church.

The hospital creates an environment that values the individual differences and unique contributions.

A new physical space opened in November 2010, inside Methodist University Hospital. This space is the first fruit of a powerful collaboration between associates, physicians, congregational volunteers and, of course, our families, all focused on advancing the health and healing of our patients.

A new department opened recently. The Family Care Centre is:

  • a family-centered healing environment with a quiet area and outdoor meditation space for family members as well as space for local clergy to counsel their members
  • a resource center for family members and congregational visitors to equip them for patient care and wellness
  • an indoor interfaith chapel to accommodate and embrace all faiths, including visiting chaplains


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