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US Nursing: Tennessee

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Nurses will find that there are a number of attractive characterful towns and cities in Tennessee.

Most notable these urban centres embrace Nashville, justifiably called “Music City,” as well as Memphis, again tied very much to the music industry and a cosmopolitan hub of Tennessee. More whimsically, there is Knoxville, with fascinating architecture and an arts scene that has a country wide reputation. Finally there is Chattanooga, a green and natural city nestling close to the Appalachian Trail.

Cost of Living

This states cost of living is 19 percent lower than the US average. Accordingly it ranks among the five most affordable states to live in the union. One should add that the costs of staples such as healthcare, consumer goods and utilities are noticeably lower than in of the rest of the country. One essential and cheap component of this mix is the low cost of housing.

Property taxes are low and interestingly the state of Tennessee does not impose taxes on wage income, a financial feature that it shares with Texas. The average household income is under $39,000 and the lack of state taxation adds appreciably to the quality of life.

Tennessee has an extensive infrastructure and predictably traffic is usually very busy around the main urban centres Nashville, Memphis and Knoxville.

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