in New Zealand

Surfing in New Zealand

The main source of swell, important for the big breakers, is from the low pressure systems of the Roaring Forties, but New Zealand is fortunate to pick up swell from just about anywhere and for doctors and nurses this makes the country a great place for a surfer. Combine that with the fact that there are a large number of surf spots, relatively few surfers and quality waves, the conditions are fantastic. The North Island is a little warmer than the South both in and out of the water making wet suits unnecessary during this season.

The North Island has New Zealand’s best-known surf spot ” Raglan. It is along the west coast where a superb left-hand point seems to go on forever. Raglan is a must-see for any nurse or doctors New Zealand surfing trip. Other quality surf spots include Taranaki Peninsula where nurses will find lots of great waves and ideal wind conditions.

The South Island is cooler and can be quite bitter in the winter, but the quality, empty surf more than makes up for the temperature. The main bodies of surfers on the South Island are based in and around Christchurch and Dunedin on the east coast. Top spots on the South Island are the variety of breaks around Dunedin and the powerful reefs and points of Kaikoura.

New Zealand is a great place for a doctor or nurse to learn to surf because there are so many options.

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