St Alexius Jobs

Neuroscience Critical Care Unit

US Nursing: North Dakota

  • Patient/Nurse ratio: 2:1 (or 1:1 depending on acuity)

  • 34 bed unit

The Neuroscience CCU nurse is to provide bedside nursing care to wide variety of high acuity neurologic patients, including but not limited to SAH, TBI, Ischemic/hemorrhagic CVA, Status Epilepticus, status post hemi craniotomy, status post tumor resection, spinal cord injury, spinal shock and myasthenia gravis. The Neuroscience Critical Care Unit is a high acuity neurologic ICU providing care to a diverse range of neurologic injuries. This is a procedure driven unit where you will experience line placements, intubations, EVD placements, TRACH/PEG, bolts, and cervical traction applications at the bedside. This unit is driven by collaboration of the multidisciplinary teams to provide the highest quality patient care. The unit assists in maintaining a Comprehensive Stroke Certification and is engaged in the pursuit of excellence within the neuroscience field.

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