St Alexius Jobs

Midwife (Labour and Delivery Nurse)

US Nursing: North Dakota

The Labor and Delivery nurse’s duties focus on high risk labor, delivery and APU with approximately 300 deliveries per month, The job description includes laboring high risk term and preterm patients, circulating and recovery of c/section patients, caring for high risk preterm patients on 8 bed APU. Educating patients on disease processes in pregnancy including diabetes(including insulin pumps and drips),PIH, preterm labor, placenta previa, multiple births,placental abruption. Educated and assisted patients with breastfeeding and newborn care, post partal care of perineum after vaginal laceration and wound care for c/section incisions. Permanent charge nurse on night shift for 6 years, duties included managing the schedule, yearly evaluations and acute management of the unit.


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