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Emergency Room

US Nursing: North Dakota


Evaluates patients and cares for their injuries or other health problems. The emergency room nurse records symptoms, communicates them to the doctors, and assists in helping patients recover their health. Emergency room nurses record information such as the patient’s heart rate, blood pressure, breathing problems, medications currently being taken, and other medical information relevant to the patient’s health. These specialist nurses may teach patients about doctor-prescribed medications, as well as frequency and amount needed. They also need to enter the patient’s complete information in a hospital’s database and keep

ER nurses must prioritize patient care before documentation. They need to be able to perform administrative tasks, then go back to handling patient duties throughout the day. Emergency room nurses usually spend more time communicating with patients than doctors. They explain health conditions, medications and other details to patients and help them to relax and be more confident with their respective doctors. Patients and their family need to be reassured that things will be all right and the doctor is doing his best to cure the patient.

Education and Training Requirements

A bachelor’s degree in nursing is required to become an emergency nurse. Some nurses get their training through electives offered in a nursing program, while others by rotation of responsibilities in their schedule as nurses.


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