Adevia Sri Lanka

US, UK and Middle East Nursing Jobs

Adevia, established 2003, is an international company based in central London. It recruits for over 350 hospitals across the United States (US) and its United Kingdom (UK) operations see the company hiring for large hospitals primarily in London and the south of the country.

Adevia Sri Lanka’s admin hub, NCLEX Prep School and NCLEX-15 Distance Learning are located in Nairobi, Kenya. There is a satellite office headed by a Country Director in Colombo:

Country Director: N K Sandhya Nissanka RN BSc MSc
Phone: +94 71 824 9585
Skype: sandhya.nissanka

Nurses from Sri Lanka benefit from a strong education, clinical training and of course all are good English speakers. In either the UK, Middle East or the US the possibilities for financial and career advancement are considerable.

The following pages will give a brief overview of the processes and necessary to launch your international nursing career. The destinations broadly cover the same ground with regard to credential checking testing. Also, you’ll see that the expenses to get you to the UK/USA/Gulf are almost entirely covered by Adevia or the hospital. Considerable information is available to you via the links on the right of the pages, as you’ll see this addresses everything from detailed immigration information through to house prices and mortgages rates in Texas.

These countries both possess advanced sophisticated health care regimes. In the UK it is essentially state administered whilst that of the USA and the Gulf is mostly private and driven by the free market forces.

Below is further detail on nursing registration and nursing jobs in both the USA, UK and the Gulf states:


United States

Adevia NCLEX Program
Qualifications and Benefits

Middle East

Prometric Testing
Credential Verification


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