Adevia South Afica: Prometric Testing

Prometric is a US based company that extends across the globe. Its central objective is the measurement f competency in a number of professions. It is now the leading player in this sector and has an extensive testing network of over 800 exam centres.

Test Centres
Most countries have established test centres. Your local Adevia office or Adevia Africa (Nairobi) will have a current list of your country’s test centres which facilitate the medical tests necessary for our Middle East facilities.The Prometric exam underlines that the nurse is clinically competent and safe to practice in independent settings. If a centre is not available in your country then, on the strength of your interviews with Adevia and our hospitals the nurse will hired  provisional upon passing the test where their Middle East hospital is located.

In Adevia’s experience most of nurses pass the exam. Nonetheless nurses should not be complacent and a disciplined revision regime is advised. After all a lot depends on a positive outcome. The nurse is eligible to take the exam within three months of the eligibility issuance date. The exam lasts for three hours and there are 150 objective questions which cover various aspects of nursing practice, skills and competencies. The passing score is 60 to 65%. Results are available two or three weeks after sitting the exam.

In the event of failing a nurse is permitted two more attempts. If still unsuccessful then Prometric has to reactivate the issuance date for a third and final attempt. Note that in the UAE a cancelled or no show counts as one of these attempts.

Nurse Prometric Tests for Adevia’s Gulf Hospitals
Middle East countries have their own Prometric accredited regulatory bodies:

Saudi Arabia: SCHFS. The Saudi Commission for Health Specialities
Qatar: QCHP. The Qatar Commission for Health Specialities
UAE: HAAD.The Health Authority of Abu Dhabi
DHA: Dubai Health Authority
MOH: Ministry of Health – the remaining Emirates





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