Adevia South Africa: Middle East Nursing Opportunities

Gulf Hospital Nurse Jobs
Adevia deals with a number of large facilities across the Middle East, Many have up to 1500 beds, are professionally run by international staff and well financed.Nurse jobs are in all specialities including ICU, OR, ER, Med Surg and Paediatrics. Salaries are tax free and generous – between $1200 and $2500 per month. Accommodation and sometimes meals are provided free of chargeFlights and immigration are covered by the client hospitals. Benefits include health insurance. Contracts are generally two years and renewable thereafter. Occasionally they can be for one year.

Basic work hours, as per the Middle Eastern labour law, are 48 hours per week; which generally represent 6 working days with 8-hours shift and one weekly day off. There are some nursing departments where basic work hours are 44 hours a week.  This represents 12 hour shift for four days a week and 3-days off.

Accommodation is provided and sometimes shared with one or two other nurses
Meals occasionally provided
Family and dependents do not accompany the nurse. Occasionally were are exceptions to to this
No IELTS or other English competency test is required
Flights are usually paid for or reimbursed upon starting work
Paid leave: three to four weeks per year

Listing of Adevia Gulf’s current opportunities

Accreditation and Interviewing Process
Lead time from starting the process to starting a MiddleEast nursing career is about three months. Nonetheless it is advisable to expect four months because there are often administration glitches in Gulf countries. A rough guide to US$ costs associated with regard to accreditation is as follows:

RN Diploma Nurse:
Prometric test;                                       250
Data-Flow credential evaluation;      220
Test centre fees;                                       40
Total                                                           510

BSN or Post RN Diploma Nurse add 20% to the above total
Dependent on country and employer the hospital will reimburse these fees when the nurse starts work.

Candidates should firstly apply to the Adevia office in Capetown or through the main company website: In which case nurse CV’s should note which position or geographical area they are interested in. Initial interviews will be conducted by Adevia recruiters.
Country Director: Peter Contoz
Phone: +277 247 829 83 (also WhatsApp)
Skype (Live): pa.maillet-contoz

Adevia offices in Dubai and Nairobi will then present CV’s to relevant client hospitals in the Middle East and HR department interviews arranged accordingly.
If not already done, successful candidates are then required to sit the Prometric test. Where it is difficult take the test the nurse’s home country it can be sat on arrival. Note however that our UAE hospitals are quite insistent that it is done beforehand

Detail on Prometric examination

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