Adevia South Africa: US Nursing Registration

The registration process culminates in sitting and passing the NCLEX exam. Having achieved this the nurse is 100% qualified for the USA. Adevia will then promptly get you hired by an agency, hospital or often a close partnership of the two. 

Prior to sitting the exam a number of US nursing board admin and study steps have to be taken. For guidance you will be taken in hand by our Tanzania Country Director and her team. Behind Eva Hillary stands Adevia Africa (Nairobi), with experienced admin staff who will accompany you all the way to your green card and flight to the USA.  Importantly Adevia’s Kenyan subsidiary has an NCLEX prep school managed by nurses who’s clinical education was in the USA and naturally have all passed the NCLEX.

  • US Nursing Boards
    The nurse will follow up on a several essentially administrative tasks. These include: credential checks (CGFNS), registered with the nursing board, paying for the exam etc.  Ultimately the nursing board will send an Authorisation to Test (ATT) letter which allows one to book an exam date.
  • The NCLEX Examination
    Adevia Africa recognises that sitting this exam is an expensive undertaking.  In terms of location we advise Mumbai because the visa is cheap and obtainable. Another alternative is London UK and our London office will assist with regard to the Invitation Letter for your visa.  These are the most practical locations to sit the NCLEX from South Africa. Note that one cannot sit for this exam on the African continent.
    Together with US nurse educators Adevia has developed a course which is intensive and vigorously driven by our NCLEX teachers. They systematically set out a weekly study program which is rigorously tested, with a two hour NCLEX test every seven days. Critically each exam is followed by a brief report. This course is teacher led and the NCLEX education team is based in Kenya. Click below for more details. Currently it has one of the highest NCLEX pass rates for international nurses.

  • IELTS (International English Language Testing System)
    Nursing in the USA requires that nurses pass the IELTS with an average of not less than 6.5 and with the spoken element at 7 or more.



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