US Nursing: Employment

Demand for nurses in the USA has never been greater. Of course many vacancies are filled by home grown professionals but with vacancies forecast at over two million in a few years time overseas nurses will play a key role in filling these places. The reason for the growing demand are several. For example by 2022, it’s estimated that 551,000 nurses will retire. The rate of RN retirement combined with other factors, such as difficulty retaining recent nurse graduates and a reduced capacity in nurse training programs, makes it increasingly difficult to meet the demand for RNs.

Nurses from across the globe with their practical, pragmatic approach as well as a strong work ethic often provide an inspirational and dynamic influence to a hospitals staff. Also and importantly their good humour and robust character brings a smile of appreciation to eyes of the patient.

In 2019 Adevia has vacancies across this fascinating culture and geography of the United States. Given Adevia’s long history of recruiting  or multi specialty teaching hospitals jobs find often themselves in large population centres such has such as Atlanta, Houston or San Francisco. We also deal with smaller more convivial towns nestling in the verdant terrain of Georgia or Virginia – sometimes better for nurses with young families.  In any event we’ll ask the right questions and try and use our experience to find the right location. A contented nurse means a happy patient.

The USA values nurses. Well paid, professional and usually striving for improvement. When this reaches out to a Nurse Practitioner qualification or an MSc in Emergency Medicine for example, hospitals are supportive especially with regard to study leave.

The vacancies that we handle naturally change but the positions mentioned in our Jobs Section give a fairly clear idea.

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