in New Zealand

New Zealand Society

Nurses will find that there are only just under four and a half million New Zealanders, often known as Kiwis. Their origins are split: 70% European, 15% Maori, almost 10% Asian and the balance other Pacific Islanders. As such the population is an interesting mix of deep developed cultures which come together to form a really quite distinctive people. He population principally inhabit the North Island and mostly in urban centres across the country

The European pioneers were brave, stoic and independent. Before establishing farms and settlements, they had to first clear the land – a painstaking and sometimes dangerous activity. Their isolation and exposure to the elements forced these early New Zealanders to become hardy and multi-skilled.

Nurses and doctors will notice that this resourcefulness and ingenuity has greatly contributed to the New Zealand character. The same qualities can be seen today in the new pioneers – a generation of young Kiwi business executives, computer software builders, film-makers, fashion designers, and sportspeople making waves around the world.

Living in such an expansive and diverse country it is unsurprising that Kiwis have developed a passion for the outdoors and delight in activities that make the most of the spectacular landscape. Equally the Kiwis are in love with the sea and the coastline, nurses will be interested to learn that over 15% of New Zealand families own their own boat. Internationally renowned as superior yacht designers, New Zealanders dominate the world yachting, kayaking, windsurfing and rowing. Similarly, hiking, camping, fishing, bush and beach walks are other popular outdoor pursuits and the more intrepid take to the mountains.

Inhabiting such a multicultural society, many Kiwis have wholeheartedly embraced urban living, cafe culture and an appreciation for new culinary tastes, fashion and the arts. Kiwis are as likely to visit an Asian restaurant or modern art gallery as they are to attend a local rugby game.

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