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US Nursing: Shreveport

Shreveport sits on a low elevation overlooking the Red River. Pine forests, cotton fields, wetlands, and waterways mark the outskirts of the city.
Nurses will identify that the city is a commercial and cultural center for northwest Louisiana, northeast Texas, and southern Arkansas. The early 20th century saw the city experience a major oil boom. In the last two decades a new riverfront entertainment district with nightlife and casinos and a new convention center have revitalized the downtown area.
Across the Red River lies Bossier City which has emerged as a gambling center and a hub for retail and entertainment. This city has had some success enticing business and manufacturers to set up offices and production units. In terms of culture the city’s museums and cultural amenities are among the state’s best outside of New Orleans and Baton Rouge. There is plenty of outdoor and water recreation nearby. Low living costs are an attraction, the Red River basin exemplifies a gently rolling terrain, producing general agriculture, cotton plantations and wooded areas throughout. It is also the highest city in the state whose climate is a mix of humid subtropical and continental types.
Latterly Shreveport has largely morphed into a service economy with particular emphases on the gaming industry, hosting various riverboat gambling casinos. and, Prior to Hurricane Katrina in 2005 it was second only to New Orleans in Louisiana tourism.
Nurses will find that the locals are very friendly. For a family there is always a lot of things to do On top of the festivals, we had the air show that is pretty fun to go to. Nurses have found that the city is very livable and most of the people very ice.

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