President Joe Biden – Pro-immigration!

Shortly after Joe Biden’s candidature was nominated by the Democratic Party, he set out his pro-immigration agenda. 
Essentially the new president’s vision is to secure the values of a nation of immigrants and this predictably differs substantially from Trump’s policies.

Key sectors of the U.S. economy, from agriculture to technology, rely on immigration.  

Notable amongst these are highly educated nurses, who are well paid abling them to support themselves and their families. 

Many believe that Biden will make a clean break from his predecessor and undo many executive orders on immigration.

They would include the most high-profile measures such as the ban on the entry of individuals from primarily Muslim countries. Within these directives, it is felt that the Nigerian ban will also be lifted.

Finally, over the past years, Mr. Biden has demonstrated strong support for the nursing community and he is well aware of understaffing and the need for overseas nurses.

The National Nurses Union has emphatically supported his political goals and the entire membership certainly voted for him. 

The new President does not appear to forget his friends and Adevia Health is confident of sustaining the US nursing community.

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