Physical Therapists

Physical Therapist Employment in the USA

The ageing population in the USA has created a burgeoning demand for healthcare staff of all kinds. From ICU nurses to ER nurses to surgeons and last but not least, Physical Therapists. Their importance now enshrined in the increasing importance of rehabilitative programs which are designed to lessen pain and improve mobility.

Currently just over 185 thousand US registered physical therapists practice across the board in hospitals, clinics, and private offices. The patients can be undergoing rehab for accidents, further to elective orthopedic surgery, even aging athletes. The PT will test muscle strength, range of motion and motor function. Often time they are driving the rehab and find themselves at the hub of a multidisciplinary team which can include physicians. OT’s and social workers.

Demand for healthcare professionals in this specialty is forecast to as demand increases amongst baby boomers amongst others.
Accordingly, by 2020 physical therapist employment growth of almost 40 percent is expected in this field. This will add another 77,400 jobs.with the field adding 77,400 more jobs. This increase in good job opportunities coupled with higher-than-average pay, physical therapists earn a spot on this year’s list of Best Jobs in Healthcare.

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