Adevia Nepal

Adevia Nepal
Adevia’s Nepal office in Kathmandu is managed by two Nepali nurses, English speakers, highly qualified well trained and motivated to secure the best future possible for their nurses. They are in constant contact with the UK head office for US hospital issues. Importantly they direct the exam training program from Adevia’s NCLEX prep school.

County Director: Sarita Pradhan RN MSc Nursing
Phone:9808 381 043 /9841 352 551

Program Manager: Aarita Sharma RN MSc Nursing
Phone:9851 144 208


About us
Adevia USA is based in central London. It is a leading international nurse recuiter for the USA and has a strong reputation. The company deals with a select group of trusted agencies and over 300 large hospitals across the USA, many of them well regarded teaching institutions. Adevia was founded in 2003 and has a number of overseas subsidiaries most notably in Kenya where Adevia Africa recruits throughout the continent. Its NCLEX Tutors give classes as well as administering the successful NCLEX-15 program across the world.
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What do we do?
We recruit motivated nurses and place them in forward thinking, well financed hospitals across the USA. We work closely with them and at an early stage in the immigration process we are in communication with US facilities which value our long term planning approach to staffing. For example, one of our hospitals when building a new oncology centre it featured in our recruitment twelve months before it even opened. Such knowledge is also valued by the nurses who research schools, housing, transport at the beginning of immigration.


“For six months now we have been in San Diego. The hospitals is medium sized and because of the California location attracts some of the best clinicians in the country. Adevia transferred me in my theatre nurse specialty and sometimes I step up and manage the Operating Room”. Sandipa (OR), Texas. More… (Texas Nursing)
“My family joined me some weeks ago. We felt that it was better for me to be completely focussed on my new job and as it turned out the best approach. Hospital Human Resources has a standard practice and put a mentor at my side for a month. She was professional, gentle and kind, my confidence grew very quickly.” Sundari (ICU)i, Denver,  Colorado.
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