Macon Coliseum Hospital


3. US Nursing: Georgia. Macon

Job: Operating Room Nurse

The OR nurse principally assists surgeons during procedures and ensures that the operating room is consistently sterile. The role entails focus, efficiency and attention to detail together with being knowledgeable about of operation procedures and patient safety. Compassion and sensitivity are naturally extremely important. A good Operating Room nurses is a critical thinker, pragmatic and acts swiftly when confronted with emergencies.

Other duties include: Assessing patients prior to surgery and alleviating their concerns Collecting supplies required for the operation

Requirements for the job

Experience as operating room nurse ” this includes scrub and circulating knowledge of aseptic and sterile techniques understanding of patient safety and precautions well acquainted with surgical operation procedures organizational ability team player who communicates effectively cool in adversity


Patient assessment prior to surgery collect relevant supplies for the procedure take responsibility of keeping the operating room sterilized prepare patient on operating table pass medical instruments or other objects to the surgeon during the procedure Monitor vital signs to detect anomalies carefully and consistently evaluate patient in post operatively take on duties in or out of the sterile area as required.

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