Adevia Tanzania: OSCE Detail

Key Points:

OSCE is the second part of the NMC testing and follows the CBT which must have been passed to follow onto this part.

1. Test Locations

University of Northampton
University Drive

Ulster University
York Street
Belfast Co.
BT15 1ED

Oxford Brookes University
Headington Road

 2. Format
Likely scenarios encountered by nurses as they implement, plan, assess and evaluate care. The exam unfolds into six separate skill stations which candidates rotate through in the allocated time. Assessment is made using standardised marking criteria.

 3. Pass and Fail
In case of failure the candidate is able fully sit the exam or partially sit an element of it. One may have three attempts o pass the exam. This will be the initial sitting and two full or partial re-sits.
If unsuccessful in the first OSCE then after ten days the exam may be sat again. Should they fail a second time then a waiting period of three months is mandated before being able totake the exam once more.


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