Nurse in New Zealand: Northland

A nurse will see that Northland straddles both the east and west coasts of the country.

Characterizing the west coast are long and straight beaches that are exposed to the prevailing westerly weather. The east coast is more varied, with numerous beaches and harbors.

Most of the land in Northland was once covered in forest, dominated by the mighty kauri tree. So called because it can grow to almost 160 feet tall and has a girth of 50 feet After the forests were cleared in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, the land was given over to farming and replanting of the forests in other wood types. A notable feature of the land in Northland is its steep and rolling hills; this, combined with the dense forests, made it a challenge for the early Europeans who settled here in the 1800s.

Most doctors , nurses and other healthcare professionals come to Northland to experience the east coast beaches, peninsulas and harbors. Inland, however, are magnificent stands of original native kauri forests, the largest in the country.

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