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New Orleans

US Nursing: Louisiana

A nurse moving to New Orleans or the “Big Easy’ will discover a dynamic industrious town. It’s overriding characteristic is the 24 hour nightlife and it vibrant mixture of of French, African and American cultures. The latter perhaps mostly redolent in the spicy colourful local cuisine. Internationally the city’s fame has spread because of the Mardi Gras carnival of bright costumed parades and street parties.
Geographically this colourful city is located on a bend of the Mississippi River 60 or 70 miles before it transforms into an estuary. Without doubt New Orleans has been the main city of Louisiana and the Gulf of Mexico’s busiest northern port since the early 1700s. Initially founded by the French it was then governed for 40 years by the Spanish and acquired by the United States in the 1803 Louisiana Purchase.
Nurses will hear New Orleans often described as a “Northern Caribbean city” That’s because the culture of has deep roots in the Carribean islands which in turen ar influenced by French, British and Spanish colonization. It is unsurprising that New Orleans feels more like Europe than the USA.
New Orleans has created a lifestyle that is quite different from other US metropolitan areas. Located between Lake Pontchartrain to the north, the Mississippi River on the south and the surrounding wetlands, the city is essentially an island itself. This has been a contributing factor to drive local traditions to develop during the past few hundred years in that New Orleans has a well defined character all its own.

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