Nurse in New Zealand: Nelson

It will be noticed by nurses that the eastern shores of Tasman Bay are the economic and cultural centres of the Nelson region. Established in 1841, it is the second-oldest settled city in New Zealand and the oldest in the South Island.

Nurses and doctors will recognize that Nelson was named in honour of the Admiral Horatio Nelson who defeated both the French and Spanish fleets at the Battle of Trafalgar in 1805. Many roads and public areas around the city are named after people and ships associated with that battle and Trafalgar Street is the main shopping axis of the city.

Nelson city is bordered to the west and south-west by the Tasman District Council and the north-east, east and south-east by the Marlborough District Council. Nelson City has a population of around 42,888 ranking it as New Zealand’s 9th most populous city and the geographical centre of New Zealand.

Nelson is well known for its thriving local arts and crafts scene and every year the city hosts events popular with locals and tourists alike, a good example would the Nelson Arts Festival. The annual Wearable Art Awards began near Nelson and a local museum, World of Wearable Art now showcases winning designs alongside a collection of classic career opportunities.

Nelson’s diverse geography captures everything from the long golden beaches to untouched forests and rugged mountains.

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