Key Steps

Key Steps: NCLEX, Nursing Board

Information and tips can be found on our website:

  1. Credential Evaluation. The first step.
    • You need to register with CGFNS: http://www.cgfns.orgCES option, Professional Report
      On the US Nursing Boards drop down menu you need Texas ExamThis is closely followed by:
  1. Texas Board of Nursing
    • Relevant document is attached to this email. Print, complete and post with a bankers draft* for $125.
      Your nursing license is transferable and valid for all US states. For international nurses Adevia prefers Texas BON for a number of reasons.Tips:
      Ignore the social security number part.Tick this one:
      Ôûí I declare Texas as my primary state of residence but I have not provided a Texas address. I am eligible for a Single State Texas License only.

      For this one list “Texas” after “physically”

      Upon licensure in Texas, in which state(s) do you intend to practice (list all states that apply);

      electronically __________________

      telephonically __________________

      physically ______________________

      The Texas BON will also ask you to send your fingerprints to MorphoTrust (US Govt Security). You can get this done at a larger Kenyan police station. Then send it with a bankers draft.


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