Adevia Nepal

Nurse Placement
As at August 2018 the majority of jobs for overseas nurses are in New Hampshire, Texas, Louisiana, Colorado, Georgia, North/South Carolina. Certainly, the number and spread of jobs increases every year as the US nursing requirement grows. Adevia and its US partners have a long standing good relationships with hospitals across the country. We ensure that all overseas nurses begin their US nursing careers with hospital mentoring which lasts several weeks.


The NCLEX-15©
Adevia’s objective is a first time pass and we recognise that nurses need to benefit from good teaching in this regard. This successful NCLEX-15 program is tutor led and unfolds over 15 rigorous weeks of study. Each week sees our nurses undertake a specific subject area and complete a multiple choice exam. A day or two later the tutor will forward an updated Report Card with detailed comments on strengths, weaknesses and critically if the nurse is ‘on track’ to pass (and if not, additional study programs to address this). More…. (NCLEX 15)

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