US Nursing: Miami

Nurses will find that the location of this dramatic city has led it develop into an international cultural melting pot with a strong Spanish flavor which has skipped across the sea from Cuba.

The latters influence is best seen in the Calle Ocho and Little Havana in general. There is little doubt that the turquoise sea punctuated with unspoilt islands in front of the city make for an idyllic setting. The architecture is dramatic and given a curious history with the art deco structures that often feature.

Predictably nurses and their families will find Miami to be an excellent holiday destination.
Young and old, all will find an area of interest. The city is almost unique with regard to its retail offering. Characterful shopping malls abound and often have memorable designs and buildings. Probably the best known shopping experience is to found in Coconut Grove which differs from the malls in that so many outlets are original and family owned.

Separately, for nurses who are so inclined, the surrounding waters provide ample deep sea fishing experiences as well as in shore corals with its fascinating undersea wildlife.

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