Living and Working

US Nursing: Memphis


Nurses will discover that local specialty in Memphis is the barbecue” Seemingly everyone cooks meat on the barbecue no matter which part of the city they live in. Yearly the city hosts the World’s Largest Barbecue Festival where people eat all types of meat, using plastic dishes and cutlery. They will find that a popular pastime in Memphis is to venture down by the river to Beale Street. Otherwise Madison Avenue’s Overton Square is home to restaurants and music rooms. In Cooper St. & Young Avenue nurses will discover family shopping, art, food, and fun.

Besides, they will delight in sunsets on the Mississippi, they are something extraordinary” The Mississippi River may be Memphis’ first claim to fame. Situated along the banks of the mightiest river of all, starting in Minnesota and flowing all the way to New Orleans, there is no denying the fact the river gives a sense of union with the rest of the nation. Definitely one of the most beautiful emotions for someone who wants to live in Memphis is seeing a sunset in front of the river.

People who live in Memphis tend to prefer the outdoors” Beautiful weather and an even more beautiful night sky scene, it’s only sensible to spend time outside. Memphians favourite concerts, spots, activities are always outside.
Amongst our nurse we do not have many who drink alcohol but nonetheless they should be advised that Memphis makes the best beer. There are several local breweries, walk into almost any bar and get local craft beer on tap. Popular brands include WiseAcre, Ghost River, Memphis Made and High Cotton.

Nurses who get around on the bike will find this a fundamental means of transport” Memphis offers over 133 bike lanes and another 273 miles of bike lanes are projected to be in Memphis by 2016. The Shelby Farms Greenline, Greater Memphis Greenline, The Hampline, The Riverside Lanes combine community, healthy lifestyles, affordable transportation, sustainability, and beautification. Memphis was recently named The Premier Destination For Cyclists.
In Memphis, the music is a real asset” When people think about Memphis music, they think about Elvis. Although he’s a huge part of our heritage, there is more to our music than just Elvis. Memphis is the epicenter of blues music. Memphis is also home to an eclectic mix of contemporary rock, soul and modern talent.
In Memphis, salary is very different compared to other cities in USA” A $50,000 salary in Memphis is equivalent to a $169,250 salary in San Francisco. With the cost of living 4.8% lower than the national average, a fine quality of life is easily accessible.

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