Nurse in New Zealand: Marlborough

Nurses will notice that there are four sections in Marlborough’s geography. Two of these, in the south and the west, are mountainous. This is particularly true of the former, where one finds the peaks of the Kaikoura Ranges. The two mountainous regions are the final northern remnants of the Southern Alps, however this name is rarely applied to mountains so far north.

Between these two areas is the valley of the Wairau River. This broadens to wide plains at its eastern end, in the centre of which stands the town of Blenheim. This region has fertile soil and temperate weather, and as such has become a centre of the New Zealand wine industry.

Marlborough’s fourth geographic zone lies along its north where the Marlborough Sounds create an attractive coastline. The town of Picton is located at the southern end of Queen Charlotte Sound one of the larger one.

The region’s capital is Blenheim. Doctors and nurses will have heard of its hospital It also has the largest population of the area and The area which surrounds the town is well known as a centre of New Zealand’s wine industry. It enjoys one of New Zealand’s sunniest climates, with hot, relatively dry summers and crisp winters.

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