New Mexico

Main Urban Centres

US Nursing: New Mexico

Main Urban Centers New Mexico

Nurses in America will discover that there are four main urban centres in New Mexico:


Here nurses will find a god quality of life and vibrant metropolitan area. Blue skies most of the year and a rich cultural heritage. It is often overshadowed by Sante Fe which is just an hour’s drive to the north. The city is the centre of a huge yearly ballooning festival


Vising US nurses will find Farmington is located at the junction of the San Juan River, the Animas River, and the La Plata River, and is located on the Colorado Plateau. It is commercial hub for most of northwestern New Mexico and the Four Corners region of four states. The city has a well known downtown area and is popular getaway destination at Harvest time

Las Cruces

Nurses will read that Las Cruces is the economic and geographic center of the fertile Mesilla Valley, which is the agricultural region on the flood plain of the Rio Grande. The city enjoys year-round golf, unique special events and excellent Mexican food US nurses will discover nearby historic attractions and two national monuments ” Organ Mountain Desert Peaks and White Sands National Monument.

Santa Fe

US nurses visiting Santa Fe will find a magical, exuberant, colorful journey at any time of year. The city has a deep cultural heritiage with art galleries which span ancient traditional techniques to the most contemporary and edgy.

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