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US Nursing: Alaska

BackgroundNurses find that Anchorage is quite unique, nearby one can walk on a glacier, fish for king salmon, hike to a mountain vista, fly out to Mount McKinley, cruise in comfort through Prince William Sound and enjoy hip, metropolitan amenities with frontier flair.

Nurse notice that mountains make a stunning part of the Anchorage skyline. The Chugach Mountains lie to the east and Mount McKinley, North America’s tallest mountain nestles in the Alaska Range to the north. The Kenai Mountains, Talkeetnas, Tordrillos and even the Aleutians can also be spotted from the city. Nurses with a spirit of adventure find that Alaska’s most awe-inspiring peaks are within easy reach of Anchorage.

Lying so far north nurses have nonetheless see that it has its advantages in terms of things to do. Adevia nurses have pointed out that an hours drive from Anchorage, the drive itself is a constant stream of stunning views as a nurse would drive along the Turnagain Arm. On arrival the best way to fully appreciate this remarkable, quite blue, glacier is to take a cruise.

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