Living and Working

US Nursing: Qatar

A resident nurse in Doha will find that the standard of living is high, the wages are better than average, and the weather is always warm. Shopping and dining choices are varied and excellent. There is no shortage of things to do, especially here in the capital. High standards of healthcare and schooling and a low crime rate makes Qatar a safe, pleasant environment to live in.

Amazingly over 70% of Qatar’s population are non-nationals. Nurses will see that this produces a rich eclectic mix of cultures, people, activities and recreational choices. Nurses who are members of clubs and associations find a wide variety of pastimes and the climate offers plenty of freedom to pursue outdoor interests virtually all year. Shopaholic nurses find shops retailing the world’s finest luxury brands can be found alongside cheap bargain stores, while eating options range from tasteless fastfood outlets to five-star gourmet experiences.

With its low crime rate and its handy access to enviable travel destinations, a nurse’s life in Qatar is indeed excellent.
Small but perfectly proportioned Qatar is a constantly evolving state and dominated by Doha, its capital. Te West Bay Lagoon is a nest of business and luxurious, imposing apartments. Nurses gaze upon a skyline that is dominated with remarkable buildings, indeed the emirates tallest constructions are located here.

The city’s cultural centre, Katara, is dominated by theatres, exhibition halls and concert halls. An artificial island has been built called Pearl Qatar ” it has almost 4 million square metres of luxury living space. Here nurses will also find international dining pots and extremely expensive shopping.. All underlining the city’s ultramodern design aspirations.
Whilst being innovative one should ad that its connection with the traditional Middle East appears tenuous.

Nonetheless nurses will find there are plenty of vestiges of the traditional Qatari historical roots.
The historic harbour and fishing port, Al-Wakrah resonates with the regions past. Also Souq Waqif is an authentic shopping area where it remains quite normal to haggle with a Bedouin trader. Finally, just a short drive out of the city will reveal the traditional romance of the desert to an adventurous nurse or doctor.


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