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US Nursing: Oregon

US nurses should start by appreciating Oregon’s wet weather. With an average low temeperature of 37 degrees in its coolest month and an average high of 79 degrees in its hottest, Portland has one of the tightest temperature ranges of any major city outside of California, surpassed only by nearby Seattle.

A nurse in America will find that the state is full of history. It is home to Paisley Caves, one of the oldest human settlements in North America, with coprolites dated to 13,000 years ago. And while fossils admittedly lacks the charm of a Georgian brick house, the site is only the beginning of the millennia-long history of people in Oregon. From totem poles to plank houses, the Pacific Northwest’s indigenous peoples created some of America’s most beautiful and iconic pre-Columbian works.

imagesA nurse who wants to invest some time will uncover amazing independent artists and unique shops in just about every city in Oregon. Greater Oregon is home to all manner of bigfoot hunters, paranormal investigators and out-and-out maniacs, making it a must-visit for anyone that’s serious about adventure.

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