New Mexico

Living and Working

US Nursing: New Mexico

US nurses will find that New Mexico is an enchanting, sparsely populated but characterful state. In terms of culture nurses will see that some of the oldest pueblos in North America are preserved here.

Nurses may hear a rumour that aliens have landed here, probably attracted by it’s history of nuclear research

UnknownIn terms of urban centres nurses will discover bustling cities and picturesque towns, indeed pretty much everything that fits your profession and lifestyle. Such cities include the businesslike and densely populated Albuquerque and elegant Santa Fe, to up-and-coming Rio Rancho and mysterious and calm Taos.

Alternatively those in the nursing profession will find pleasant metro areas such as Clovis, the hub of local agriculture; Las Cruces, which depends heavily on government jobs as well as festival tourism; and Farmington, where people from across the south flock converge for baseball tournaments.

For a nurse with an economic frame of mind, one can note that the cost of living in New Mexico is 7.37 percent lower than the US average. Underlining the fact that a nurses will not be confronted with the high prices of states like California and New York.

With regard to real estate it will make a difference where a nurse ultimately chooses to live. The average home price in New Mexico is $210,800, but local differences can be significant. For example, in Albuquerque, expect to pay around $134,900 for a two-bedroom and $176,000 for a three-bedroom home.

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