Living and Working

US nursing: Nevada

Nurses in the USA will find a state that is proud of its pioneer heritage. This is very clear in a strong work ethic and drive for success. Nurses will find that the state offers a business-friendly environment, indeed one of the best in the country. Geographically nurses will see that Nevada is accessible to millions of people in the western region of the United States. It has two international airports and a network of major interstate highways making travel to and from Nevada easy. ÔÇ¿Living in the “Silver State” offers the excitement and sophistication of urban areas, or peaceful, hometown living in one of Nevada’s burgeoning rural communities. Nevada enjoys four distinct seasons and the sun shines more than 300 days per year and even crisp, white winter days are typically sunny.

Nevada Live WorkNurses will find dramatic scenery, geologic wonders and historic mining towns. Wildlife includes deer, horses, antelope, and burros roam the vast central Nevada valleys. Walker Lake is the remnant of a huge prehistoric sea, and is now popular for fishing and water skiing. Century-old ranches in the valleys are filled with livestock and fields of hay. Nurses travelling through western Nevada you will pass through ghost towns, mining towns and the Death Valley National Park.

Nurses will see that Southern Nevada is different. It is part of the Mojave Desert, has a diverse landscape consisting of expansive arid desert, craggy mountains and canyons. Just north of Las Vegas is Mount Charleston, cool in the summer and recreation area in the winter where nurses can go skiing, snowboarding and sledding. Northeast of Las Vegas is the Valley of Fire State Park, which derives its name from the beautiful bright red sandstone sculpted by the wind into fantastic formations, some with prehistoric Indian art

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