Living and Working

US Nursing: Kuwait

Nurses will be aware that the wealth of the country is based largely on oil production. There is a large population of expats working in the public and private sector.
The majority of doctors, nurses and expats in other professions move to Kuwait in order to work in the country’s booming oil industry. The country’s rapidly-growing financial sector and fields such as marketing, sales and business development also offer rewarding chances for expats moving to Kuwait. With an increasing population comes increased demand for doctors and nurses in the healthcare sector.
Both Kuwaiti-owned companies and the many multinationals operating in Kuwait employ expatriates on a regular basis. Also, expats considering a move to Kuwait should not disregard government organizations as potential employers. In this latter category one finds, doctors, nurses and allied health professionals. Naturally a well paid work force will require a good state funded healthcare sector.
In recent years, however, job opportunities for expats wishing to move to Kuwait have been shrinking slightly. This is mainly due to competition from increasingly well-educated Kuwaiti graduates and government efforts to get more locals into upper-management jobs. Nevertheless, with a degree in the right field and relevant work experience, expats still have many opportunities to move to Kuwait. Also the cemad for doctors and nurses is relatively impervious to this.
For a nurse to speak Arabic is not a prerequisite but it helps. Most industries make use of both Arabic and English in their day-to-day operations. There are no specific restrictions for working in Kuwait, and you do not need to hold a degree to be issued with a work permit. With regard to healthcare however it is certainly mandatory for doctors and nurses.
The general working week is from Saturday to Wednesday, although a number of industries also work a half-day on Thursdays. This is however not often the case for a nurse or doctor in a hospital.

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