Living and Working

US Nursing: Kansas

US nurses will find much to like in Kansas: a low cost of living, nationally ranked schools and picture-perfect communities. Also it is a place with world-class dining, great nightlife and wide-open spaces for outdoor adventure.
Nurses with a cinematic interest when thinking of when Kansas will remember “The Wizard Of Oz”. Certainly Kansas is very proud of this association but it is also heartland, a geographical center of the country as well as a state filled with hard working sociable people and farmlands that are the country’s breadbasket.
Kansas is a state of considerable natural beauty also one where the four seasons are clearly identifiable. Spring and Autumn both mark mild climates with enjoyable weather. Summers are hot and steamy with temperatures in the low 90s but usually feel hotter because of the humidity. Winters are cold and the average snowfall can vary with most of the state seeing around 10-15 inches annually.
US nurses will find that the people of Kansas feel that they live life to the fullest. The state is big on business and economic development, but also. balances work and play, progress and history, urban and rural to create a quality of life rarely found elsewhere.

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