Living and Working

US Nursing: Hawaii

2A US nurse will find that Hawaii’s tropical island paradise
isn’t the fountain of youth, but it’s not far away.
Those in the nursing profession will see that a 65-year-old in Hawaii will live another 16.2 years on average, as compared to another 10.6 years in Mississippi. Also citizens of the Aloha State are getting happier as time goes on.

Nurses will see that this slowed-down, low-stress island lifestyle gives Hawaiians a major health advantage. Less than one-third of Hawaiian residents say they’re stressed out on any given day, making them the least-stressed state population in the USA.

International nurses will learn that not all states are created equal when it comes to health and happiness, and Hawaii sets a high bar for the rest of the country. Hawaii’s exemplary health care system mandates that employers provide care for any employees who work more than 20 hours a week. Nurses will observe that as a result people get good health care.

Nurses will reflect upon the Hawaiian “perspective’. Hawaiians are experts at living lives that are more about personal relationships and rich experiences and less about money. Even though people have to work, they make more time for things that have value to them — that’s family time. Whatever island you live on, it’s a joyful experience to live the Hawaiian lifestyle.

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