Living and Working

US Nursing: Dubai

Nurses probably know that for the last 25 years a top international destination for workers has been Dubai. Expat workers comprise nearly 90% of the population in Dubai, indeed they can be found in every sector, from service and construction to finance, media and of course doctors, nurses, surgeons and pharmacists.

Healthcare professionals come to Dubai: to advance their career, for a higher standard of living, to take advantage of new career opportunities or most commonly for the lifestyle and the experience of living and working in a new culture. Whatever the reason, there are all number of advantages to working here.

Amongst nurses it has been popularly accepted that while the biggest bonus of working in Dubai may seem to be tax-free salaries, the benefits of not paying tax has been somewhat outweighed for some nationalities by the increasing weakness of the dirham (it remains pegged to the US dollar) against other currencies, especially the UK pound and the euro. Nurses have found salary packages being less lucrative than they were four or five years ago which, coupled with the constantly increasing rents, means disposable income isn’t as impressive as it once was. Nonetheless, there are other distinct benefits and these are what makes people stay.


Visa requirements for entering Dubai vary greatly between different nationalities, and regulations often change with little or no warning. For most western nationalities, the residency process is easy. There are several ways to obtain a residence visa in the UAE – sponsorship by employer, family sponsorship or residence through investment.

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