Living and Working

US Nursing: Arizona
Nurses gradually come to appreciate the uniqueness of the Grand Canyon State. Landscapes embrace tall mountain ranges, swift rivers, grasslands, sand dunes, and cactus forests. The spectacular sunsets and canyon are unlike any other. Historically minded nurses will revel in a past that reaches back thousands of years.

Nurses, especially with family and children will find that Arizona has much to offer residents. Recreational activities include hiking, mountain biking, walking, water sports, winter sports, golfing, Spring Training baseball games and skydiving. Arizona has its share of lakes and rivers too, including Saguaro Lake, Roosevelt Lake, Lake Powell, Tempe Town Lake and the Salt River.

A nurse coming to work in the State of Arizona will find a fulfilling career. The following are just some of the industries where you can contribute:

Many nurses recognize that making a positive difference to society as a primary reason for choosing to work in a hospital. The work that is performed by the nursing profession matters a great deal to the citizens of Arizona.

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