in New Zealand

Nursing in New Zealand: Leasure

New Zealand has plenty of attractions for doctors and nurses all its attractions have a subtle charm.

Interestingly New Zealand is edgy and forward-thinking, for example, it was the first country to grant women the vote, and the first nation to see females occupy every high office of state.

It’s just about to launch the world’s most comprehensive emissions trading scheme to curb greenhouse gases, and some of its most senior civil servants are so with it, they look like they should be running organic supermarkets rather than the country.

Best of all, perhaps, is how non-indigenous New Zealanders live in such harmony with their indigenous compatriots.

Maori is taught in schools, a Maori chieftain adorns the country’s coat of arms, and the indigenous heritage is a shared national heritage.

A hard working doctor nurse will of course which to take advantage of the delights New Zealand has to offer. We have listed a few of these on our site to the right.

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