Main Urban Centres


US Nursing: Louisiana

Nurses will find here, in the southern reaches of the state and to the west of the expanses of the delta lies Lafayette. The cultured city situates itself alongside the Vermilion River in southwestern Louisiana. This small urban centre has just 0ver 120 thousand residents and is the fourth largest population concentration in the state.
A nurse inhabiting these parts will dis cover a city which is the centre of the Cajun culture, an ethnic group with its origins in 17th century Canada. They retain a distinct cultural characteristic as well as the French roots of the language which is widely spoken. Naturally English is the lingua franca of the majority of the Cajun population. Nonetheless but French influence prevails in terms of inflection and vocabulary, and the accent is quite distinct from the General American. Just several years ago, a the federal government elected to have the official website in Cajun French, a decision underlining the local pride in with the local culture. This language is heard on several of the local radio stations as well.

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