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Nursing in Australia: Jobs

Latterly a lengthy and detailed report has identified that over the next fifteen years there will be a significant shortfall in the numbers of healthcare professionals that Australia needs

Health Workforce Australia, a leading advisory body has identified that the country will need almost 109,000 nurses, primarily in geriatric care and mental health. In parallel the country will need at least 2,700 doctors by the middle of the next decade These doctors will be radiologists, psychiatrists, pathologists, general practitioners, and obstetricians. Geographically speaking the shortage of qualified health practitioners is being felt acutely in remote areas of Queensland, Northern Territory, and Western Australia.In an attempt to encourage more medical and health workers to migrate to Australia, the government is offering higher compensation and generous employment conditions. With a view to entice these healthcare professionals to the more remote areas it has become clear that the Northern Territory and Western Australia now offer the highest remuneration for doctors and nurses.

Specfically graduate doctors or those with no specialization can earn around $100,000 annually and up to $400,000 a year for specialists. RGN’s enjoy an annual salary of between $78,000 to $130,000.

Remuneratiom in Australia is more generous than in other countries. Furthermore there are many added benefits, these include relocation assistance, travel and educational stipends, additional leave, and free or subsidised accommodation.

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