US Nursing: Saudi

Saudi Arabia is extraordinarily wealthy and sits on more than 25% of the world’s known oil reserves. It is capable of producing more than 10 million barrels per day; a figure is set to rise. Understandably the country has emerged from being an underdeveloped desert kingdom to become one of the wealthiest nations in the region thanks to these vast oil resources.

Named after the ruling Al Saud family, which came to power in the 18th century, the country includes the Hijaz region – the birthplace of the Muslim Prophet Muhammad and the cradle of Islam.
The Al Saud dynasty’s monopoly of power meant that during the 20th century successive kings were able to concentrate on modernisation and on developing the country’s role as a regional power.

Living standards and salaries are high and tax free. The majority of large hospitals enjoy state of the art medical technology, are usually run by US hospital groups along US lines.
Life in the country is enjoyable and other than its intrinsic wealth it offers splendid geography and coastlines.

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