US Nursing: Kansas

US nurses will see that Kansas or the Sunshine State is a slice of classic America, old world cattle ranches are scattered throughout this state of Great Plains. Nurses will also discover a state replete with Native American history, with several museums devoted to the American Indian tribes that once lived inhabited this expanse of agricultural countryside. In the Flint Hills, nurses will walk through the vast tallgrass prairie and even in a covered wagon. Here nurses will cast their eyes on American bison and attend a rodeo. Kansas is justifiably proud of its smoked barbecue.
Kansan are friendly folk and when a nurse is driving rural areas, it is advisable to nod or give slight hand waves to oncoming traffic. This activity is a typical friendly acknowledgement Kansas farmers and ranchers practice. A nurse will find what’s happening in rural town by going to the local breakfast/lunch diners.
US nurses will read that famous people of the state include: Dwight Eisenhower, Amelia Earhart and John Brown.

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