US Nursing: Connecticut

US nurses will realise that Connecticut forms a vibrant commercial corridor between New York and Boston. Understandably there are many railroads, airports and highways. The state has charming towns, historic sights, stylish shops and nice beaches. The broadcaster CNN determined that of America’s 25 towns with the highest median family incomes, four are in Connecticut.
Nurses will observe that whilst Connecticut is not a major high tech region, it does possess the executive talent capable of managing large organizations – many in financial services. Historically versed nurses will see that similar to other states, Connecticut started out with agriculture, then expanded with trade and boomed with manufacturing ” ships, railroads, saddles, sewing machines, carriages, brass fittings, corsets and even guns.
These fast-growing industries attracted thousands and thousands of immigrants as well as native-born people looking for jobs. Over the recent years Connecticut’s population has grown significantly and in parallel its need for healthcare resources and nurses.

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