US Nursing: Chicago

There are so many reasons to move to Chicago, here is Adevia’s top 10:

  1. House affordability. In comparison to a lot of other big cities, the price of rent houses in the town is an average that is good for a middle class.
  2. Sociable friendly residents.
  3. There is a neighbourhood for you.
  4. Good careers. Research in reputable city universities, to endless networking opportunities, this city is a good place to start almost for many careers. Here, even though people are competitive, they are not self-seeking.
  5. Sport is a very important activity in this country. There are many different sports in the city, such as: Hockey, Basketball, Football, Baseball and Soccer.
  6. A beautiful place. Excellent examples of architecture, monuments, museums and street art.
  7. The city is clean. For the most part the streets are manageable and air is reasonably clean.
  8. Food and Drinks. They have places like bacon bars, Nutella bars, cupcake ATMs, Harold’s Chicken and a cider pub. But most importantly, there is great pizza.
  9. Chicago has four seasons.
  10. Chicago’s Summer is beautiful. Between the lakefront runs and bike rides, weekend festivals, boat parties, rooftop parties, yoga at the park, concerts until your body can’t take any more music. There is no better city for summer.


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