US Nursing: Bahrain

Nurses will see that Bahrain is a small island, only 34 miles long and 11 miles wide, which in fact is part of an archipelago comprising a total of 33 islands. Saudi Arabia lies to the West and is connected by the King Fahd Causeway.
Although surrounded by delightful turquoise waters they do not cool the land in the summer. Temperatures between June and September regularly reach 50 degrees centigrade.

Similar to the rulers of Dubai the government has sought to diversify its economy ahead of declining oil revenues. Bahrain is now an important offshore banking centre, a growing industrial and commercial hub, and a major destination for international investment. International tourism was adversely affected by the onset of hostilities in Iraq although regional tourism, from Saudi Arabia in particular, continued unabated. The latter is especially apparent every weekend when Saudis come across the causeway to enjoy the restaurants and the occasional glass of wine.

Nurses will appreciate that inauguration of the Grand Prix in April 2004 has helped to win back international visitors and has attracted considerable overseas investment to the island. The Bahrain Financial Harbour in the capital Manama and the resort complex on the southern tip of the island, are visible expressions of the island’s continuing prosperity.

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